Wedding reportage in pictures: Memories from the most beautiful day in all its facets

In the hustle and bustle of their big day, wedding couples are often busy with so many impressions at the same time that they cannot even have the sense for every detail. Many things are only discovered later when looking at the wedding photos. A CEWE PHOTO BOOK in reportage style is ideal for reproducing the most beautiful day in life in all its facets, for reliving it again and again and for enjoying the unique memories. Wedding photographer Melinda Helena Clabes reveals how a photo reportage can immortalise your wedding as an emotional story.

1. Telling the story of the day
It is obvious to think of a wedding as a reportage: There are highlights, but above all a story that is told in photos. Basically, it is important to know the approximate course of the day before taking photos and to instruct the photographer precisely. Many photos can be planned in advance. Ideally, the photographer is already in the right place before the event begins. These moments create the story that is told. Viewers of the finished photo book should have the feeling of being there and emotionally reliving the day. This is achieved in particular through many details.

2. Atmosphere and details
People do not remember events "wide-angle". Rather, they remember specific details: A full glass on a boisterous evening with friends, the bride's playful hairstyle, a laugh in close-up. When designing a photo book, it is advisable to start with a wide-angle shot to create an overview, and slowly work your way up in more and more detailed photos. As an example: The bride arrives, gets out of the car, the guests look at her from top to bottom. The hairstyle is examined, her smile, the necklace, the fall of the dress. With such detailed shots, you create atmosphere.

3. Page design
The daily schedule determines the layout of the pages. The photos should be placed in the book in the order in which they were taken. Certain scenes are ideally shown in large format, for example the exchange of rings. This brief moment has enormous significance, which can be emphasised by dragging the photos across two pages. Such motifs look particularly good in a CEWE PHOTO BOOK on photo paper with layflat binding. Such pages should be designed very dynamically: The rings, the hands of the bride and groom before the exchange of rings, the act of exchanging the rings itself and the joyful faces afterwards. The book should end with the photos of the couple's shoot. Here it is especially nice to show a series of one scene instead of the "best" picture. This way, the viewer can choose which photo he likes best and at the same time, has the opportunity to feel the movements of the couple.

4. Book cover and back
For the cover, you should choose a picture that you would like to show to friends and family: not too intimate, but definitely a motif that the bride and groom will remember from the shooting. Thoughts like, "We can give this to our parents for Christmas" are always a good indicator. For the back cover, the end of a feature film is a good model: Slowly fade out! For the photo book, this means taking an "Out of focus" picture already during the shoot, or using a photo that shows the bride and groom from behind, such as the typical walk into the sunset, which gives the viewer a warm feeling when closing the book.

5. Layout
For the layout, a modern, minimalist style is recommended that is not too distracting but supports the narrative flow. Several photos in different sizes with white and even spaces in between, now and then a special picture singled out.

6. Refinement
Finishing enhances the wedding album even more. The feel and the shine give the CEWE PHOTO BOOK a special quality and are perfect for the wedding theme. The final colour - gold, rose gold or silver - depends entirely on your own preferences.

About the photographer
Melinda Helena Clabes is a photographer and videographer. Originally from television, she has transferred the style of reportage from moving images to photos, not just to take pictures but to tell stories. In addition to her work as a wedding photographer in Oldenburg and the surrounding area, she produces videos and live broadcasts of festivals and is behind the camera for music videos.

This is how the wedding celebration will also be remembered by the guests: personal photo products for before, during and after the party
Ideally, a wedding should not only be remembered by the happy couple, but also by the guests. This can be achieved in the run-up to the celebration: as soon as the "when and where" have been decided, personal save-the-date and invitation cards can be used to create anticipation. With greeting cards from CEWE, these can be individualised with photos and for example adapted in layout and text to the wedding motto.

At the ceremony itself, you can set decorative accents with self-designed place cards and menu cards. For the wedding ceremony, self-designed folding cards can be used as a church or programme booklet - so that everyone present can keep track of everything. In addition to the order of events, the cards offer space for song lyrics or wedding vows. If required, a printed sheet with additional content can also be inserted, which can be fixed in the card with a sisal ribbon, for example. Numerous wedding designs in CEWE's order software invite you to be creative. For example, the look of the cards can be coordinated with the flower arrangements and table decorations using floral designs.

After the big day, greeting cards from CEWE create individual thank-you cards that perfectly round off the celebrations and remind people of the highlights with personal photos. A very special goodie - for example for those who were unable to attend the celebration - is the CEWE PHOTO BOOK Square: Simply designed and quickly sent, this handy memento lets you relive the best moments.

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