Customer Charter: Responsible Digitalisation

As Europe's leading photo service provider and partner for online printing, CEWE wants to remain a technological pioneer and advance new opportunities of digitalisation for this purpose, including artificial intelligence. We represent reflected progress.

CEWE pursues a responsible and customer-oriented use of digital technologies. We have formulated our basic philosophy in this customer charter. Before drawing up the charter, we discussed the contents with users of our products in our customer forum. Owing to the fact that digitalisation and new technologies are developing rapidly, we will adjust this charter continuously. However, we will always pursue the values outlined here. Furthermore, we have founded an independent advisory council for digitalisation that provides support and assesses new technologies.

Our values:

1. We protect your data.

Data protection always has the highest priority at CEWE (‘Privacy by Design’).  We neither sell customer data nor do we forward it to third parties without our customers' consent. Comprehensive data analyses only take place with anonymised data or with the customer's express consent.  

2. Our technologies are intended to help you.

For CEWE, the goals when using digitalisation technologies will always be ease of use by the customer and greater enjoyment of this use.  

3. You have the control and the freedom.

At CEWE, customers stay in control. For example, recommendations from digital wizards in our software can always be modified, rejected or opted out of in advance.

4. We are open and transparent.

CEWE is transparent in the use of artificial intelligence. CEWE explains the mode of operation of artificial intelligence in customer products to the greatest extent possible. Before technologies of this nature are introduced, CEWE reviews them with the advisory council with regard to the criteria in this Customer Charter.

5. We want to define our future actively based on European values.

It is CEWE's belief that Europeans need to retain the ability to innovate in the area of new digitalisation technologies themselves. This is necessary not least to ensure that these technologies are handled in accordance with our values. CEWE therefore supports research and teaching in the area of artificial intelligence in Europe.    

Please get in touch, if you have any questions regarding CEWE’s use of new digitalisation technologies and artificial intelligence:

Dr. Reiner Fageth, Head of Research & Development

Business areas in which artificial intelligence is used

Area of Business

Area of application


Research & Development / IT Assistants in the CEWE design software Better image selection and filtering through classification and evaluation (e.g. according to persons, image quality or location/time of recording) and determine the optimal image part when having to crop
Research & Development / IT Search for products and other content in the webshop More focused search results and suggestions
Research & Development/ IT Organization and search in CEWE myPhotos Analysis and indexing of photos to enable searching by place, time, objects and people
Research & Development / IT Event detection in CEWE design software and CEWE myPhotos Identify and name important events by intelligent photo grouping
Research & Development / IT Automatic image rotation in CEWE myPhotos Identify the correct rotation of scanned analog photos by image analysis
Marketing and distribution Control of SEA campaigns (search engine advertising) Better reaching of target groups for specific products
Production IT Upscaling of photos in print using an artificial neural network

Improving the print quality of products with customer photos that are too low in resolution for the product

Customer service Voice recognition CEWE Service-Bot Recognition of various concerns and extraction of information from texts entered by the customer in dialog
Customer service Text analysis of e-mails to customer service Recognition of various concerns and pre-selection for faster and more targeted processing by our colleagues
Retail Optimize retail pricing with the help of predictive pricing Predictive and target-oriented determination of sales-relevant price points, taking into account relevant pricing rules for the entire product range


CEWE receives the label DatenBEWUSST from the state government

The safety of the customer data is an important requirement for a company’s competitiveness. The label “DatenBEWUSST Lower Saxony” gives the companies in Lower Saxony the opportunity to show that they have realized the significance of data security and committed to it accordingly.

The bestowal of this label shall increase the awareness of the topic of data security and promote already established programs that offer advice and support. 

Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. mult. Wolfgang Wahlster (Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz), Prof. Dr. Susanne Boll (Oldenburg University) and Ranga Yogeshwar (until the beginning of 2023) (physicist and TV host)

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