Sustainability management

CEWE greatly values sustainable governance across all sectors, with sustainability management forming an integral element. For many years, we have been demonstrating this in five dimensions.

We aim to continuously improve our sustainability performance and to systematically develop and define the management approach which this requires. This implementation constitutes an integral element of the five dimensions of our governance:

1. Honest and fair conduct: To uphold a balance between social and ecological challenges and successful management, solid ethical principles are a must. Honest and fair conduct at CEWE encompasses, for example, values like dependability, honesty, durability, decency, integrity, and trustworthiness. Learn more

2. Economic viability: As a brand, CEWE stands for long-term economic success in connection with a responsibility towards the environment and society as a whole. The company focuses on a long-term positive development rather than short-term profits. Learn more

3. Environmental protection and resource conservation: The reduction of environmental pollution and the conservation of natural resources are key concerns of CEWE. The Conserving Nature guiding concept embodies how we intend to advance climate protection, save energy, protect the environment and push for a circular economy at CEWE. Learn more

4. Responsibility for employees: CEWE's success is decidedly borne by its motivated and qualified workforce. Strategic personnel activities encompass many diverse measures which together feed CEWE's reputation as a Good Employer. Learn more

5. Social commitment: Social commitment forms a part of CEWE's corporate culture. With donations, sponsoring and funding activities in local communities as well as internationally, CEWE helps to shape a liveable society. Funding priorities are people, the environment, and photo culture. Learn more

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