As a paper-processing enterprise, sustainability is a topic that is especially important to us. That is why the CEWE PHOTOBOOK and CEWE’s other brand products will be produced completely climate-neutrally.

FSC® certification

The principal raw material used at CEWE is paper. In 2019, more than 28,248 t of paper were printed to produce products (photos and print). To boost a sustainable forest management, all European operations of CEWE are certified according to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). FSC is a global organisation that sets the standards for sustainable forestation. FSC standards require the complete value chain from the forest owner to the printing shop to be completely certified. Within the framework of the certification, incoming and outgoing goods as well as production flows undergo a review by independent third parties once a year. Most bought-in digital and photo printing paper and all materials used for FSC-certified products are FSC-certified at CEWE.

FSC-certified products include:

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