CEWE wishes to contribute towards improving sustainability within the vicinity of the company's offices. The spectrum covers everything from practical, local activities to cross-Länder and cross-plant partnerships.

SOS Children's Villages worldwide - close cooperation for 10 years

The co-operation between SOS Children's Villages worldwide and the Oldenburg-based company CEWE is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Through this long-term co-operation, the connection has been sustainably strengthened and further expanded in order to make a difference worldwide.

In the meantime, CEWE has supported SOS Children's Villages worldwide with more than 2.5 million euros, making the co-operation a matter close to CEWE's heart. In addition to financial assistance, the company shows its commitment by offering donations in kind and supporting the volunteering efforts of many of its employees at the individual locations in Germany and Europe. This has created particularly close relationships with the SOS Children's Villages worldwide in Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, France, Norway, Belgium and even Ghana.

Culture and social affairs – helping diverse initiatives

CEWE supports different projects with funds or print products. In Oldenburg and its surroundings this includes, for instance, the Kultursommer event, the Weser-Ems-Hallen venue and the Park Gardens. For the tenth time already, CEWE was one of the sponsors in 2019 supporting the Children and Youth Book Fair in Oldenburg (KIBUM), a unique book event staged in Germany. For the fourth time now, CEWE has cooperated in Slovakia with the Nadácia detského kardiocentra foundation, an agency specialised in child patients born with heart deficiencies. CEWE also gave away vouchers for CEWE products for multiple smaller initiatives.

Sports – nurturing the joy of exercise

We here at CEWE promote movement in recreational sports and in professional sports. Many sports associations and events benefit from our support. CEWE supports popular ballgames in recreational sports. Since 2015, CEWE has been the sponsor lending its name to the primary school league CEWE Baskids which gives kids the opportunity to play in an organised basketball league.

The production locations tend to support local clubs with long-term sponsorships. For instance, the partnership with Oldenburg's EWE Baskets, a professional basketball club, is going into its tenth season. And even the women's handball Bundesliga team, VFL Oldenburg has been a firm partner for years. CEWE continues to equally support other sports disciplines, such as equestrian events and rowing clubs.

Education – operating in networks

The educational commitment wishes to support the education of junior recruits and promote CEWE's rapport with society. The network of education and research establishments that has been built over decades has produced many a cooperation with schools, specialist colleges and universities. A regular exchange, shared projects, and teaching appointments by many seasoned executives result in valuable knowledge sharing between practice and theory. For example, CEWE collaborates with Landesberufsschule Photo + Medienforum Kiel, a vocational facility, and hosted the "Management Information Game" for the 21st time in 2019. Pupils from Liebfrauenschule Oldenburg compete in three groups for the best marketing strategy.

The commitment shared with universities currently includes funding for five stipends under the Deutschlandstipendium, including one at Stuttgart Media University, one at the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg and a further three at Jade University of Applied Sciences in Wilhelmshaven. At the University of Oldenburg CEWE, together with other industry partners from the region, called to life an endowed chair for Applied Artificial Intelligence in 2019.

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