Application procedure

All applicants are offered equal opportunities at CEWE – irrespective of age, gender, ethnic origin, religion, disability or sexual orientation. Everyone has the same chances. If you have already found a traineeship, a work-study programme or student internship that interests you, you can apply conveniently online in only about two minutes.

What do we need from you? As a minimum, we need a cover letter explaining the motivation for your application, an up-to-date CV and your latest school reports. School marks are not the key criteria for us – we are looking for motivated applicants who are interested in putting forward their own ideas and diversified training – not just students who can interpret poems correctly.

You’ve filled in our application form and sent off your application.

You will receive automatic confirmation by e-mail.

Now it’s our turn. We examine each individual application. How long this takes depends to a great extent on how many applications we receive and on the time needed for coordination with the respective trainers. So it may take us a little while, and we would ask you to be patient.

It goes without saying that everyone then receives feedback on their application. If you are still in the running, you will receive information on the next steps in the application procedure.

Depending on the site, an online test may follow. If you do well in the online test, you will either be invited to spend a day in the company so that we can get to know each other or we will invite you to attend a job interview. This varies from site to site.

We will notify you as quickly as possible once we have reached a decision. Following this, you will receive all further important documents from us.

Welcome to the CEWE team. We wish you and all other students and trainees a wonderful and successful time at CEWE.

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