Photo Culture

As Europe's leading photography service provider, the CEWE Group is closely linked to photography as a cultural asset and is actively committed to promoting it.

Photography not only enables us to take in different perspectives, but also to combine experiences, emotions and ideas. For this reason, the CEWE Group supports a large number of projects that honor photography as an art form and means of expression. Part of this commitment lies in the planning and organization of national and international photo festivals. These festivals serve as a platform for professional photographers, up-and-coming talents and amateur photographers. We attach great importance to presenting the diversity and creativity of photography in all its facets and making it accessible. One of these is the flagship CEWE Photo Award, which has become the largest photo competition in the world. Both amateur and professional photographers can take part in the CEWE Photo Award and share their perspectives on the beauty of our world.

With this premise in mind, we organize our own exhibitions in which we present works by photographers who express their individual stories and perspectives in a special way.

Another important aspect is the promotion of young photographers. Through suitable projects, the company offers budding photographers the chance to have their own exhibition. We firmly believe that this support for young talent will help to inspire the next generation of photographers and advance their creative careers.

"With photography, it is possible to transform something everyday into something timeless. With our commitment to photographic culture, we don't just want to preserve a cultural asset - we want to get people excited about photography and inspire them to create something new. The fascination of photography should become an experience for everyone that will be remembered."

(Cem Berg, Junior Project Manager Photo Culture Marketing)

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