For your dreams: lovely ideas for creative personal (cash) gifts

Money alone may not buy happiness, but it can help to make dreams come true! Bridal couples frequently request a monetary contribution for their wedding and especially their honeymoon. How can a cash gift be presented in a thoughtful and creative way? And in a way in which the packaging has any lasting value? Personalised photo products from CEWE are great for creating original cash gifts and other wedding surprises.

Extra precious cushion: The bride and groom love adventurous travel, but also enjoy cuddling in their outdoor lounge, or they wish to decorate their new home? A wedding cushion – peppered with bank notes – is just the right present. It is really easy to make: simply go online to design a CEWE premium cushion with a modern look and lovely photos of the happy couple. The cushion is then decorated using pretty ribbons and bank notes, and the cuddly wedding gift that is bound to become a favourite item of the bridal couple is complete.

A special frame: a framed photo is a classic way to prepare a creative cash gift. After all, it allows for a wide range of individual design ideas – just let your imagination run wild! If the bridal couple requested a contribution for their travel budget, a photo of their dream destination is an obvious choice. Simply order a suitable framed print online from CEWE. The bank notes are then folded into little birds or planes and added to the photo. The couple is bound to love this gift that allows them to always keep an eye on their dream holiday.

Original eye-catcher: a gift glass is another wonderful way to add a personal touch to a cash gift. The money is placed inside a pretty glass vessel, along with a personal message. A strip of CEWE instant prints is ideal for this. In addition to some favourite photos, you can integrate a short message to create a truly heartfelt gift. The glass is then decorated, using ribbon, dried flowers or cute hearts, for example. This simple idea is guaranteed to bring great joy. And by the way: you can print out instant prints for this at any CEWE KIOSK.

Creative idea straight from nature: a wishing tree is an enchanting wedding surprise that will become a wonderful keepsake for the newlyweds. All you need is a small tree, such as an olive or fruit tree, photos and lovely little cards – such as CEWE square prints in a design that matches the theme of the wedding. The cards are then handed out to the guests at the party, who can add their personal messages and add the cards to the tree using decorative ribbons.

RRP premium cushion: from EUR 29.99

RRP framed print: EUR 12.99

RRP square prints: from EUR 17.99

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