Systematically managing sustainability

CEWE has adopted an integrated approach to managing sustainability. CEWE's management approach boosts social, ecological, and economic aspects.

Integrated governance structure

The topic of sustainability has been enshrined with the Board of Management, where it has been governed by Thomas Mehls since 2016. He formulates the strategic orientation and vouches for the implementation of sustainability measures across all sites. He also forms the managerial committee of the Sustainability coordination group together with Dr. Christian Wilbers (Head of Corporate Communications) and Dr. Matthias Hausmann (Head of Environment and Chemicals). The managing directors of the international and national locations oversee the respective sustainability topics there.

Management approaches

As early as 2011, CEWE had already created and put into practice a DIN EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System at its four German digital printing production sites in Oldenburg, Germering, Mönchengladbach, and Freiburg. IIn the meantime, all major CEWE production sites and also Saxoprint and DeinDesign have a certified environmental management system. Additionally, the Energy Management System implemented at all German locations and Saxoprint are of DIN EN ISO 50001 standard. The management approach helps to establish social, ecological, and economic aspects while actively advancing our climate protection agenda. Both systems regularly undergo external audits and inspections.