The CEWE PHOTOBOOK with 100 % recycled paper received the coveted TIPA World Award

CEWE is among the winners of the coveted TIPA World Awards for the sixth time in a row: this year Europe’s leading photo service provider received the award for its CEWE PHOTOBOOK with 100 % recycled printed pages. This award from the media association Technical Image Press Association is bestowed in recognition of outstanding innovative achievements in the photography industry. This time, CEWE received an award for its sustainability efforts. The company that is based in Oldenburg now produces its well-known CEWE PHOTOBOOK using 100 % recycled digital printing paper for the inside pages, while maintaining its usual high printing quality.

Customised, sustainable joy with the new CEWE PHOTOBOOK with recycled paper

Photo enthusiasts can now enjoy an even more sustainable CEWE PHOTOBOOK: the company from Oldenburg has developed a CEWE PHOTOBOOK variant whose inside pages are made of 100 % recycled paper, while the endpaper is made of FSC® certified paper. The international jury of the TIPA World Awards was impressed by this added value. “The introduction of a 100 % recycled digital printing paper for the CEWE PHOTOBOOK is a considerable innovation not only for the CEWE product range but for the photo industry at large,” is stated as the reason why CEWE received the award. The Technical Image Press Association – TIPA for short – has been acknowledging the best and most innovative new products of the international photo industry for over 30 years. Over the years, CEWE has won a total of eight of the coveted TIPA World Awards.

“We are happy and grateful to have received another TIPA World Award this year,” said CEWE Board Member Thomas Mehls concerning the company’s sixth consecutive victory. “The journey towards our CEWE PHOTOBOOK with 100 % recycled paper was challenging, since we wanted to maintain the same level of image and printing quality, to make sure that we meet the high quality standards of our product portfolio. The final result is yet another piece of evidence of our team efforts, and it is particularly popular among those customers who are increasingly dedicated to sustainability,” Mehls added. “Now that we have won a total of eight TIPA World Awards, we will not slow down, but will continue to develop new and improved products with a spirit of innovation.”

Countless happy moments with the CEWE PHOTOBOOK

Pictures of the family, of an adventurous trip or a wonderful party with friends and family: an individual, customised CEWE PHOTOBOOK is the perfect way to preserve the best moments of the year. Personal anecdotes, quotes, maps or even recipes can be added to tell a very personal story and create a book that is bound to become a favourite. A CEWE PHOTOBOOK is in itself sustainable in the truest sense – who would want to part with all those cherished, beautifully presented memories, after all? Outstanding quality: the CEWE PHOTOBOOK in XL format is also available with a sturdy, made-to-measure cardboard case. This customisable personalised slipcase does not only protect and enhance the book, but there is also room for favourite images and individual designs – which is why CEWE received a TIPA award for it last year.

TIPA World Awards

In 1991, representatives of 25 European photography magazines got together for the first time to start the biggest association of independent photography and imaging magazines. The TIPA World Award is meanwhile considered one of the most prestigious awards for photo and imaging products worldwide. Every year, the technical committee of TIPA nominates the best new products in a range of categories. The editors of the magazines involved take part in testing and rating the products.

  • [Translate to Englisch:] CEWE ist für sein CEWE FOTOBUCH mit 100% recyceltem Innenseitenpapier mit einem der begehrten TIPA World Awards ausgezeichnet worden (Foto: CEWE)