Finally travelling actively again - and capturing the best holiday moments with personal photo products

Who doesn't crave to finally get active again and go on a trip? An enjoyable hike, a surfing course with the family, a mountain bike tour through Morocco or road cycling on Majorca - exciting experiences and beautiful moments are remembered long after the active holiday with CEWE photo products such as the CEWE PHOTOBOOK.

Combine beautiful photos and delicious recipes: With the CEWE PHOTOBOOK as a travel cookbook
Freshly brewed cappuccino, the smell of creamy truffle risotto and a glass of wine are fine rewards after long hikes through nature. A hiking trip, for example through the Italian Piedmont, combines an active holiday with culinary delights. This way, not only memories remain after the holiday, but also photos of magnificent landscapes, enchanting towns and specialities from the region. The most beautiful photos and best recipes from the respective travel destination are given their place in a very personal CEWE PHOTOBOOK as a travel cookbook. This way, memories of past hiking adventures are awakened when you browse through the book and cook them again, and the anticipation of the next trip grows. Incidentally, it also makes a wonderful gift for all fellow travellers!

Collect good mood moments with your smartphone - and capture them with CEWE photo products
Always on the lookout for the perfect wave: Surf camps bring action and fun for the whole family. Fabulous waves, imposing cliffs, long sandy beaches and dreamy sunsets: There is a lot to experience - and to photograph. The smartphone is the most practical constant companion. Quickly pulled out - and the jump through the surf is already captured.

CEWE photo expert Pascal Mühlhausen has a few good tips for taking photos on active holidays with your smartphone: "I would rather avoid the digital zoom and instead try out the creative modes, such as portrait mode. There you can create a background blur just like with the big camera. Also, I would never reduce the size of the image to save storage space. If you want to have the picture printed in a CEWE PHOTOBOOK or as a large wall picture, for example, you will be annoyed afterwards that details are lost."

Give your travel adventures the space they deserve: In a CEWE PHOTOBOOK or as a wall picture
A mountain bike tour through Morocco promises pure adventure. On the way from Marrakech over the high mountain landscape of the High Atlas into the desert, you cycle along lonely mountain roads through green oases and experience the fascination of a city like Marrakech - a bike tour through Morocco is full of magical moments. Racing bike fans will also go into raptures on bike tours over the Germans' favourite island, Majorca: Once you have climbed one of the many mountain passes, you will be rewarded with dreamlike views. Those who then return with many new impressions - and beautiful photos - can give their experiences a very special place: in a personal CEWE PHOTOBOOK or on a large-format wall picture, the adventure can be relived again and again.

Even the most exciting trip comes to an end. How would it be to have the best moments after the holiday not only in the memory of your mobile phone or camera, but also in your everyday life? CEWE photo products offer space for the whole family's favourite motifs, for example on CEWE photo magnets, which remind us of perhaps the best time of the year every time we go to the fridge.

All CEWE photo products can be designed individually and in no time at all online or with the free CEWE PHOTOWORLD software. Creative design tip: Features such as the map function make it possible to display maps, photo locations or travel routes in the CEWE PHOTOBOOK.

Photos: Getty Images / CEWE