CEWE receives prestigious TIPA World Award twice for the first time

For 30 years now, the Technical Image Press Association (TIPA) has been honoring the best and most innovative new products in the international photo industry. CEWE has already won a total of six of the coveted TIPA World Awards, this year even in two categories. With awards for the A2 Gold Edition wall calendar as "Best Photo Service Worldwide" and the CEWE Photocenter as "Best Retail Finishing System Worldwide", Europe's leading photo service provider was able to convince the jury twice.

Award winning photo products
"We are very pleased to be honored with two TIPA World Awards this year," emphasizes Thomas Mehls, CEWE Board Member. "The CEWE Photocenter and the A2 wall calendar in the Gold Edition have thus convinced both our customers and the renowned jury. While the Photocenter offers a wide range of the most diverse products directly at the POS and invites customers to design them completely individually and, above all, with ease of use, our A2 Gold Edition wall calendar showcases no less than twelve different images on a large scale and in combination with the gold finishing elements in a stylish way," says Mehls. "The fact that we have already won a total of six TIPA World Awards over the years continues to encourage us to always focus on and drive forward the further and new development of our products with great innovative enthusiasm."

CEWE Photocenter offers creative image options
The CEWE Photocenter won in the category "Best Retail Finishing System Worldwide". This is the extended version of the CEWE Photostation, at which customers in drugstores, specialist stores and food retailers can print their instant photos directly on high-quality photo paper. The key element of the CEWE Photocenter is the central printing station. This offers customers an expanded product portfolio so that even larger formats can be printed directly. In addition, premium products such as posters and canvas prints, greeting cards, calendars, stickers or even photo mugs can be created directly at the POS and then taken along. Thanks to the completely contactless operation, the most common photo formats can also be printed via the customer's own smartphone without having to use the touchscreen of the CEWE Photocenter. Those who use the CEWE Photoworld app to prepare their order while still being on the road or at home will receive a QR code at the end, which they can then use on-site to start printing directly via the scanner at the photocenter. Another advantage is connectivity: memory cards, USB sticks and smartphones can be physically connected via card slots and cables for Android and Apple devices, while Bluetooth, AirPrint for Apple devices and Huawei Share are available for wireless transmission. Overall, the TIPA jury particularly emphasized the intuitive and simple ordering process and the wide range of products offered by the CEWE Photocenter.

The best pictures for your home: wall calendar A2 Gold Edition
One of the most beautiful ways to share your love of photography is a wall calendar that presents the most impressive photos over twelve months. CEWE has now won the TIPA World Award in the category "Best Photo Service Worldwide" for the A2 Gold Edition wall calendar. The photo calendar from CEWE is available in portrait or landscape format and is printed on high-quality, matt paper with a low-reflection surface. The special feature: There are various designs with gold finishing to choose from, providing an elegant impression and a haptic experience on the cover and the monthly pages. The calendar can be designed easily and flexibly via the ordering software. To avoid having to wait until the start of a new year, the calendar's starting month can be freely selected.

TIPA World Award
In 1991, representatives from 25 European photo magazines met for the first time and founded the largest association of independent photo and imaging magazines. In the meantime, the TIPA World Award is considered one of the most prestigious awards for photo and imaging products worldwide. Each year, the TIPA Technical Committee nominates the best new products in selected categories, involving the editors of member magazines to test and evaluate products. Officially, the TIPA World Awards 2021 will be presented at Photopia in Hamburg, which will take place September 23-26, 2021.

For more information, please visit www.cewe.de/tipa-award.html

photos: CEWE