CEWE Photo Award 2023 | Statement on the photo "Warung Kopi"

The photo selected by the jury as the overall winner, as well as the winner of the "People" category, is - contrary to the photographer's statement - not an authentic shot but was created in a studio as a staged scene. We were made aware of this by external photographers.

Staged photographs are not a violation of our terms and conditions. However, the photographer provided untrue and misleading information regarding the creation of the photograph to us and to the jury president of the CEWE Photo Award on stage during the award ceremony, thus misleading the public. This contradicts the values that CEWE stands for as a company.

Furthermore, legal questions arise regarding the usage rights of the photo. The photographer has not satisfactorily answered these questions and failed to submit appropriate documents establishing her as the owner of the usage rights.

We will therefore suspend the award status until the legal situation concerning the photo is fully clarified. Meanwhile, the photo will no longer be displayed by us on our website or other CEWE media.