A Spring full of happy moments…

Aren’t we already looking forward towards springtime? The sun is warming and laughing at us, the days are getting longer and we are in the mood for something new! In our homes, we rely on strong colours, creative accents and “fresh as a daisy” decorations. CEWE also has plenty of creative gift ideas for all your favourite people celebrating all the lovely events that Spring brings - from Valentine’s Day and Easter to Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. We are excited to give some ideas for gift giving, creating those happy Spring moments indoors and out.

Welcome Spring - we’re getting our home into the swing of things

Happy Trend: Now it’s getting colourful
If you want to give your living room a happy fresh look, you don’t have to invest much at all. With a different wall paint colour, matching photo motifs, pillows and decorations, the rooms shine like new with little effort. Combined with each other, bold colours bring a sense of spring freshness to the living room. The wall glows in a rich green, which is picked up in the home accessories. Add to that colourful photos and posters from CEWE, arranged like a collage. Whether on canvas, wood or acrylic glass - simply mix different motifs and formats to suit your mood. Everything is allowed that pleases the creative in you!

RRP premium posters: from 3.99 euros; RRP wall prints: from 14.99 euros

You can never cuddle enough...

Cushions in strong colours, with graphic patterns or floral prints - often small changes are enough to bring Spring to the sofa. Cushions in particular can permanently change the effect of a room and give it a whole new look. CEWE’s premium cushions can be used to create original and cozy favourite spaces. They can be fully printed on both sides with various photos and designs, and are available in seven sizes in panorama or square format. There are no limits to one’s creativity!

RRP premium cushions: from 29.99 euros

Even more decoration inspiration can be found here:

Fresh Spring wind for your own four walls

Neele Stratmann, wall picture expert at CEWE, gives tips for redecorating in the springtime…

How important are pictures/art for the home? What do they do to a room?
"From my point of view, murals have a very important task: because they give rooms their own personal touch. Those who use their own photos in the process show a piece of their own identity and individuality."

What role does wall colour play?
"Colour have a great influence on the effect and atmosphere of a room. A harmonious overall look can be achieved by using murals that pick up on the colour scheme of the wall and furnishings. For pictures in front of a gaudy, eye-catching colour, I recommend two variations: Either bring calm into it with classy black and white photos or follow the so-called happy trend and bring a feeling of Spring or Summer freshness into the room by combining colourful photos and accessories."

Spring gifts that make you happy

Hello favourite person: creative gift ideas for all Spring celebrations.
Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, Spring brings with it many wonderful gift-giving occasions. Those who need ideas for special surprises for their loved ones will find personalized gift ideas that will put a smile on the faces of young and old alike, with CEWE photo products.

Moments to remember: the self-designed photo chain
A loving wall decoration made of the most beautiful moments together is quickly made and makes the hearts of the recipients beat even faster. What you need is a cord, small clips and the most beautiful photos. And this is how it works: Simply select your favourite motifs and print them out as instant photos at a CEWE photo station. Back at home, hang up the cord and easily attach the photos to the cord with the clips.


With a lot of style: the special poster for your favourite people
Photos are often forgotten - yet they have what it takes to be a real eye-catcher in the home. How about staging your favourite motif in style as a premium poster in a stylish wooden poster board? At CEWE, the posters can also be provided with shiny effects in gold, rose gold or silver.

RRP poster strip: from 13.98 euros

Eye-catcher with heart: the photo cell phone chain
A very special gift with a personal touch: with the individually designed silicone cell phone case to wear around your neck, your favourite people or special shared moments can always be carried around with you.

RRP cell phone chain: 39.99 euros

Beautiful moments in a small format: The heart photo magnets
Beautiful memories and favourite motifs in a small format - as flat magnets in the shape of a heart.

RRP set of 10 photo magnets (square or heart shape): from 14,99 Euro

Personal gifts for the small budget
Individual gifts with a heart do not have to be expensive. With a self-designed photo keychain in a heart shape, your favourite person always has the most beautiful memories with them.

RRP photo keychain (rectangle or heart shape): from 9.99 euros

Finally outdoors again!
The days are getting longer, the temperatures are climbing upwards, now it’s time to pack the picnic basket and start the outdoor season! Stylishly go to the picnic meadow with the stainless steel drinking bottle with a photo from CEWE. Thanks to its thermal insulation, the drinks stay nice and cool. And with your favourite photo from your last adventure and a personal text on it, it becomes a unique, very personal companion.

In addition to a cosy blanket, a few treats and cool drinks, a nice game definitely belongs in the luggage! A memory game with your own photos is especially fun. Pictures of friends, family or your favourite pet invite you to remember those special moments and the little stories behind them while you play this enjoyable personalised game.

RRP stainless steel drinking bottle with photo: 29.99 euros

RRP photo memo: 16.99 euros

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  • Neele Stratmann, wall picture expert at CEWE, has a number of tips on how to redecorate your home in an uncomplicated way.
  • A photo chain with your own photos is a particularly quick and uncomplicated decoration idea in springtime
  • With a premium poster from CEWE with a solid wood poster strip you can present moments of happiness with your loved ones in a particularly stylish way. The posters can also be provided with shiny effects in gold, rose gold or silver.
  • Always with you: daily moments of happiness when you look at your mobile phone with the photo mobile phone chain from CEWE for all popular models.
  • Sweet idea for all loved ones: we capture magical moments on heart photo magnets
  • You have the key to my heart - and I always carry you with me!
  • Refreshing and very personal - the personalised stainless steel drinking bottle from CEWE
  • Come on, let's play: Memory with your own photos is even more memorable

photo credits: CEWE