A piece of happiness to take home

On the best day of our life, we would like to share our love with you: creative wedding favours that match the theme of the wedding are the perfect way for the bridal couple to thank their guests for coming and for all those wonderful gifts. They are also a keepsake of the wedding party and a great addition to the table decorations. CEWE has put together some ideas for all those who would like to surprise their guests with a creative little gift.

Personal surprise bag: fill gift bags with home-made heart-shaped biscuits decorated with icing. Then attach a CEWE retro print in the style of older instant print film images to the bag. You could choose a lovely photo of the bridal couple, or a picture of the bride or groom with the guest the bag is for. Finally add a piece of ribbon and hand-written gift tag and the personal little gift is complete.

Something sweet: How about putting up a personalised box filled with little chocolate bars with personal photos and messages? This is how it’s done: an art print of a photo of the bridal couple with a welcoming message in 20 x 30 centimetre format is set up in a suitably sized box. The box is filled with little chocolate bars that are decorated with personalised photo stickers. These can be created easily, using the CEWE Photoworld software or the online tool, and there is enough room for your favourite photos, funny messages and kind words. You can use a pre-defined layout template, if you want. The box is positioned in a prominent spot – and everybody is welcome to take something sweet.

A colourful day: the youngest wedding guests want to have a good time, too. How about designing and ordering a personalised CEWE metal case of coloured pencils from Faber-Castell in advance, for the little ones to enjoy on your big day. Add some lovely colouring pictures that match the theme of the wedding and the kids are bound to have a blast!

Creative seating plan: a CEWE photo pairs game with pictures of the guests can be used to create an unusual personalised seating plan. The game that is originally a board game with matching pairs of cards is also suitable as a lovely surprise for the wedding guests, as well as a fun conversation starter. Attached to a surfboard, a blackboard or a plain wooden pallet: upon arrival, each guest can find a small photo of their own face along with the corresponding table number. To complete the pair, each guest must go looking for the matching card that marks their seat as part of the table decorations.
This is how it’s done: depending on the number of tables, a jute thread is attached to a wooden board in as many rows as there are tables. Then the table number is pinned to the thread followed by the photos of all guests who are seated at the table. Little wooden pegs are a good match for a rustic country style or the popular boho look. The other half of the cards is placed on the corresponding tables and integrated into the table decorations by putting them on the plate or leaning them against a water glass.

RRP retro prints in a storage box: from EUR 14.99


RRP photo stickers: from EUR 2.99

RRP fine art prints: from EUR 4.99

RRP Faber-Castell pencils in a personalised metal case: EUR 17.99

RRP photo pairs game: EUR 19.99

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