CEWE increases the number of FSC®-certified photo products by 33 percent and is once again one of "Europe's Climate Leaders".

CEWE, Europe's leading photofinisher, increased the share of FSC®-certified* photo products by more than a third in 2021. The photo and digital printing paper used is also almost completely certified in accordance with the FSC® standard. The company has now announced this as part of the publication of its sustainability report - and was able to present further strong figures relating to its own commitment. In addition, CEWE once again succeeded in joining the circle of "Europe's Climate Leaders 2022", thanks to its self-imposed climate targets.

Sustainability in focus
In a large-scale survey, the Financial Times and Statista, the leading statistics portal in Germany, have examined more than 400 European companies with regard to the reduction of their emissions in relation to their turnover. For the second time in a row, they also include CEWE among "Europe's Climate Leaders", thus highlighting the company's leading role in reducing emission intensity. This is an award that takes account of CEWE's clear and broad-based sustainability orientation. This comprises the following five areas: Honest and Fair Conduct, Economic Sustainability, Environmental Protection and Resource Conservation, Responsibility for Employees and Social Commitment. These topics form the five pillars of sustainability on which CEWE bases its strategy. "At CEWE, sustainability also means foresight. We do not define success in the short term and driven by quarters, but focus on the long-term expansion of the company and the brands. An investment in the future that pays off for everyone," says Thomas Mehls, Board Member for Marketing, New Business Areas and Sustainability.

Honest and fair behaviour
The dimension of honest and fair conduct was rated as the most important in the last stakeholder survey in 2020, directly after environmental protection and resource conservation. This refers to the principles of corporate responsibility and economic activity. Data protection and security as well as anti-corruption and compliance are essential components. A strategic future topic for CEWE is the responsible use of technology, especially the development of digital products and artificial intelligence. In this area, CEWE imposed a "Digitalisation with Responsibility" customer charter on itself in 2018 to ensure responsible and customer-centric use of digital technology.


More information on the "Europe's Climate Leaders" Report: https://www.ft.com/climate-leaders-europe-2022

  • CEWE Sustainability Report 2021
  • CEWE Sustainability Report 2021 Graphic

Photos/Graphic: CEWE